Turn Your 401(K), IRA, or Nest-egg Into A
Guaranteed Paycheck For The Rest Of Your Life

If you are Approaching or Planning your retirement or already retired, your financial mindset changes from one of accumulation (saving) for retirement to depletion (spending). This is a whole different mindset and is difficult to come to grips with. THE BIGGEST FEAR THAT WE HAVE IS RUNNING OUT OF MONEY since we have no paycheck. During accumulation, while working, we have fewer unknowns than when retired. Example - When working, we know when we will retire (or want to). When retired, we don't know how long we will live. i.e. how long does our our money need to last.

There are so many unknown factors that affect our retirement lifestyle: (and we usually do not have the time to recover from adversity such as a stock market losses - So many people lost huge chunks of their 401(k).

How long will we live?

What will our living/lifestyle costs be (Inflation)

Medical expenses (Will we need assistance as we age?) - medicare doesn't cover those costs

How will the laws change? (Medicare, Social Security, Taxes etc.)

What will Wall Street Do? They totally failed for the last 10 years
(all of the "rules" failed)

No one knows what the future will bring. The greatest risk to seniors is our
inability to adjust to and recover from adversity. Can you afford the risk?

etc. etc. etc.

Do You Want To Take The Risk?

Why worry about running out of money when you don’t have to.?

Why not insure your retirement paycheck with the largest, stable, finacially secure companies in the world?

(After all, We insure our health, home, life, automobile, income if disabled etc.)

Insurance companies insure all phases of our life, from Cradle to Grave.  Why not let the insurance companies use their expertise to insure and guarantee your  “Retirement pay check” when you are no longer working? It only makes good sense.

Not one of our clients has ever lost 1 penny of their principal regardless of what happened in the stock market. When you are retired, you don’t have the time to recover from a bad stock market year. Why not consider the time tested Fixed Indexed Annuity with guaranteed lifetime income rider to provide you with your guaranteed lifetime paycheck enabling you to live the worry free retirement lifestyle you earned, want, and deserve. You not only receive a substantial up front bonus, you also receive a guaranteed income for the rest of your life regardless of how long you live, independent of stock market performance

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